Before you smoke your Kirsten pipe

Take a few minutes to learn the names and functions of its parts... understand the tested method of filling the bowl... learn the proper way to clean the various parts . Be fair to your KIRSTEN pipe... give it a chance... and it will give you greater smoking enjoyment!

Fill the bowl properly

Slightly moisten the interior of the imported Mediterranean briar bowl, and pour in as much tobacco as the bowl will hold in one charge. Compress the charge as tightly as possible with the thumb, forcing tobacco against the wall of the bowl. The bowl will become uniformly carbonized if, during your first smoke, you smoke slowly and do not let the fire go out until all the tobacco is burned.

Smoke slowly

Because the KIRSTEN pipe bowl is scientifically designed, the pipe will give you a long smoke. It will "breathe" freely and will stay lit without constant puffing. While dissipating heat, the KIRSTEN Radiator Stem must necessarily become warm, but it should never become uncomfortably warm.

Remove moisture frequently

A surprising amount of condensate accumulates in the Radiator Stem during each smoke. This moisture should be removed frequently by withdrawing the valve and draining the stem. It is not necessary to drain after each smoke, because the Radiator Stem can hold condensate from several bowls full of tobacco without impairing the quality of the smoke.
NOTE: Some tobaccos are more moist than others, and will produce more condensate.

Care for the bowl

Prevent moisture from returning to the bowl from the Radiator Stem by turning the valve to the 'off' position before tapping ashes from the pipe. This care will insure a clean, sweet bowl at all times. Avoid cracking the bowl by removing any accumulation of carbon (over 1/8" thick) on the inner surface. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BOWL ON THE STEM WITH ANY MORE THAN FINGERTIP PRESSURE. Before you put your KIRSTEN pipe in your pocket, or before you lay it aside, always turn the valve to the 'off' position. This will seal moisture inside the stem and will prevent it form entering the bowl if the pipe is tipped. If you discontinue using your KIRSTEN pipe for a time, clean it thoroughly first, as drying tars and tobacco oils may "freeze" the valve and mouthpiece to the Radiator Stem.


Remove carbon ... but not too much!

Do not let the carbon layer in your bowl become more than 1/8 inch thick. Thicker carbon may cause the bowl to crack.

The Kirsten pipe bowl reamer

A scientifically developed tool to keep your KIRSTEN pipe bowl in perfect smoking condition. This is precision machined & ground, made of high carbon & hardened steel. The conical shape preserves the precise angle of the KIRSTEN bowl. Six cutting edges produce a smooth, true bowl surface. A KIRSTEN PIPE BOWL REAMER will last for many years & will add to your smoking pleasure.